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Stay at Home Yoga

Enjoy Kundalini Yoga classes from your home in the


Each Class Includes:

  • Kriya (Yoga Set),

  • Pranayama (Breath Work),

  • Deep Relaxation with Gong,

  • Meditation & Mantra.


Monday Morning Activation: Open your heart, energize your body, inspire your mind. Power On and Power Up for  a great week this monday!

  • Mondays 10 am - 11 am

Restore Discover You:

  • Wednesdays  7pm - 8 :15pm

  • Thursdays  10am - 11:15am

  • Fridays 10am - 11:15am

"Reimagine" Mantra Meditation

  • Sundays 11 am - 11:22 am

Online classes and offerings are user-supported.

Suggested Donation $10/class

Wednesday April 29,  7 - 8 :15pm  //  Thursday April 30,  10 - 11:15am  //  Friday May 1,  10 - 11:15am

A fun Kundalini Yoga class suitable for beginners,

for strengthening the physical body, grounding and expanding into flow

with prosperity and abundance.

Class time is 75 mins.

You will need a pillow and/or a yoga mat

This class will consist of the following practices:

* BALANCE THE TATTVAS - A breathwork meditation that restores balance to the 5 Elements that make up the body.

* HEALTHY BODY KRIYA - A standing yoga sequences for building health and body awareness.

* SOUND BATH SAVASANA - deep healing and relaxation with gong.

* PROSPERITY, FULFILLMENT, & SUCCESS: CIRCLING YOUR PSYCHE -  A mantra meditation that expands your vibration beyond the limitations of the mind, bringing you into resonance with Universal Creative energy.

This class will stream on

Meeting ID: 369 111 1963

Password 073316

You can support this class by making a donation via

Suggested donation $10 

Thank You!

Past Events

Stay at Home Kundalini Yoga for being Regeneration and Being Present in our Bodies.

Thursday April 23,  10 - 11:15am   //   Friday April 24,  10 - 11:15am

Wednesday April 1,  7 - 8 :15pm   //   Thursday April 2,  10 - 11:15am   //   Friday April 3,  10 - 11:15am

A fun Kundalini Yoga class suitable for beginners,

that will rev up your immune system and lift your spirits!

The class time is 75 mins.

You will need a pillow and/or a yoga mat and a headcover, eg a scarf.

This class will consist of the following practices:

* IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER - A breathwork meditation

* KRIYA FOR THE LYMPH SYSTEM - A sequence of yoga exercises

* SOUND BATH SAVASANA - deep healing and relaxation with gong and bowls


This class will stream on

Meeting ID: 369 111 1963

You can support this class by making a donation via

* venmo @KDKYoga or


Suggested donation $10 

Thank You!



Grounded in Strength - Feeling the Power

Wednesday, April 8, 2020  7 pm
Streaming Live from the Pyramid @ Unity Houston

During these uncertain times, we can forget that we are grounded in eternity and charged with a life force that is greater than what we face in the world. Join Kalyan Darshan Kaur and her band as they lead us in rhythms and chants to align us with our true power and ground us in strength.  Just what we need right now!

April 8: Live Streamed at or

Activate Abundance 2020 Thrive


Valentine's Day

Let Your Heart Sing, Feel Your Spirit Soar

February 14, 2020  7 pm
In the Pyramid @ Unity Houston

In the PYRAMID @ Unity Houston
Monthly dates

A beginner-friendly class for the body and mind.

Yoga Class @ Lifestyle Docs

Jan 18, 2020 @ 10 am  (60 mins)  $10 

4500 Bissonnet, Suite 355, Bellaire, TX 77401

We all know that yoga can prevent illness and injury. But did you know that it can also help reduce the burden of several chronic issues such as arthritis, pain management, cardiovascular disease & even depression and anxiety?  Come join us and improve your flexibility, balance, and so much more!

Kirtan 1:10:20.png
Joyful Practices for awakening our hearts.
Experience an abundance of love & appreciation for oneself, & others.

with Kalyan Darshan

Light Yoga & Meditation

Yoga Central

1123 Jackson Blvd.,

Houston, TX 77006


Heart Activation

Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019

7 - 8:15 pm   $10



Kalyan Darshan

Release and Let Go with


It's AUTUMN: Time to Let go, Declutter, De-frag, Release, Break Free!!!


Kundalini Yoga Workshop


Virgo Full Moon Candlelight Meditation
Activating The Mind-Body Connection

@ Bayou Bliss Yoga 

Tuesday Feb 19, 2019 // 7:30 - 8:30 pm // suggested exchange $15

This Super Full Moon in Virgo will illuminate our physical well-being. We can tune in and receive these messages from within ourselves and make adjustments accordingly that will upgrade our lives in ways that will serve us all year long.

Full Moon is in practical and healthful Virgo and receiving its light from Sun in intuitive sensitive Pisces.  This means we can more easily bring our consciousness into resonance deep within the realms of our subconscious mind where our body’s wisdom lies. 


Further insight is available from the house of emotive, selfless Pisces via the messenger of the gods Mercury, who is conjoined and conversing with Neptune bringing us more consciousness to our psychic dream state.  This is a glorious time to meditate and to receive  downloads from our bodies and from the cosmos.  The energies are available to activate and upgrade our Mind-Body Connection! 

And … just hours before this full moon, Chiron the wounded healer completes a 51 year cycle around our sun.   This marks the beginning of a 9 year cycle of healing the I AM self as Chiron enters Aries.   So timely with this transformational Full Moon!

The light of this full moon and the cosmic currents that follow are harmonious, insightful, intuitive, grounding, energizing, healing and inspirational!  WOW!  All of my favorite things for feeling great along this journey back to Self in the Age of Aquarius.

Our meditation will include:

  • Pranayama for connecting with our bodies,

  • Mantra for connecting with our cosmic selves,

  • Guided Meditation for self revelation,

  • Mantra for Peace and Prosperity.  

flowers field on blur Moon background, E

At Spring Equinox, both earthy hemispheres experience equal day and equal night as the suns light hits her equator at exactly 90 degrees.  

This 2019 Equinox is truly powerful as this direct light is also reflecting off the Super Full Moon in Libra,

profoundly activating further, harmony and justice within us and for all of us.  

All life on earth responds to light and when day and night come into equilibrium, the polarities within us diminish too. This equinox zero point is a reset switch before we are lovingly propelled into the abundant potentials of springtime.


When we consciously connect at this neutral portal in time, we activate it within ourselves at the center of our hearts, beyond the polarities, beyond ego. 

Spring Equinox - Super Full Moon
Reset, Rebirth and Prepare to Bloom

March 20, 2019   7 - 9 pm @ Yoga Central, Houston TX

In every culture, this astronomical event is celebrated, being recognized as the pivotal point for rebirth.  But this equinox, with its perfect sun/moon alignment, is a truly powerful time for restoring our inner balance and for redefining how we each play a role in generating harmony and peace as integral members of humanity and inhabitants of the earth.

Let’s empower our spring awakening together and uplift each other as we are reborn with light yoga, breath, meditation, mantra and a sound healing gong bath.

We can align our hearts with the cosmic light of the universe as it urges us to reimagine a new story for ourselves and for our planet in realizing that peace, love, prosperity, and happiness are our destiny!
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