A Kundalini Yoga Workshop for preparing our mind and body for the New Year and the NEW DECADE! 

The New Decade is upon us!  The energy is building with anticipation! We can enter 2020 joyfully, focused, strong and excited!  

In preparation, we invite you to attend this Kundalini Yoga workshop for bringing your attention to you entering the new decade.   in 2020!  

A Pranayama, Kriya, Mantra, and Meditation.  
cleansing.  nurturing. strengthening. clarifying.  
Enter the new decade energized, excited & focused!

#Clearouttheold #MakeSpacefortheNEW. #2020Awakening #Kundalini Yoga Workshop


There is an incredible upsweep of energy we can ride as we launch into the new decade and An exciting and energetic time to cleanse and release any unnecessary stuff that is burdening us old, bring our attention to our intentions on arriving and for 2020! 
In this workshop, we will practice Kundalini Yoga techniques in preparation!
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