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Kalyan Darshan

Kundalini YOGA & Meditation teacher, Mantra & Sound

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I'd love to know what you're seeking cause maybe I can help. 

I teach regular yoga classes every week and offer Cosmic Events along with the cycles of the sun and moon and the cosmic currents.

I believe we are all divine citizens of the cosmos, currently residing upon a beautiful planet to experience the most profound journey we can take, the journey home to ourselves, through our hearts, to experience our soul, to fully embrace our destinies. 

I invite you to join in the Livestream Classes and Cosmic Events!

Reach out if you have any questions.

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Kalyan Darshan


 Ego Eradicator with Breath of Fire

Yoga Class

An energizing and mindful class for preparing mentally, emotionally, and physically for a
HAPPY and HAPPENING week ahead.

75 mins


Kundalini Yoga Class


Transform with Breathwork, Asanas and, Meditations for aligning the body, mind, and emotions with your heart's desires and soul's destiny.


A mindful and uplifting practice!

75 mins


New Moon meditations to refocus and renew.

Full Moon meditations for Launching, Releasing & Letting go.

These gentle practices provide an opportunity for self reflection, nourishing our spirit, allowing us to gain a broader and refreshed perspective of our journey.

90 mins


Guided Meditations

Taking place weekly for cultivating peace on the inside and the outside.  Including soothing healing sounds.

Contribute to the peace you wish to see in the world.

Announced weekly

20 mins


Personalized classes and meditations for you, your family, workplace, community.

This can take place online or safely in person, outdoors in nature, in one of Houston's glorious parks.

Kundalini Yoga expands your awareness,

Awakening you to YOU.

@KalydanDarshan411 #kundaliniyoga "Self Discovery is the Ultimate Journey"
Self Discovery, The Ultimate Journey