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Transform Your Life with a Regular Yoga Practice!
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8 - 8:45 am weekdays CDT
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Summer YOGA Series
Practice with the energies of the season

Online via Zoom
Final Week
Mon. July 19 - Fri. July 23
30 mins Weekdays @ 8 AM

Open your Heart and Connect with Summer's Abundance

Build Strength and Tone Up

Increase Flexibility and Resilience

Relax and Reduce Stress

Balance Mind and Body

Cultivate Self Love and Abundance


What to Expect

🔆 Practice asanas, breaths, mudras, & other practices unique to Kundalini Yoga!

Build strength, resilience and flexibility, balance the nervous and glandular system for optimum health, and awaken to your soul!

🔆 Heart-Opening practices for cultivating self love, and prosperity consciousness! 

By creating Heart-Coherence regularly, we can generate the High-Vibe Frequencies for creating the lives we desire.

🔆 Meditation and Breath practices that cleanse and expand the mind!

As we develop our 'mindful muscle', we move beyond limiting beliefs recognizing all possibilities.

🔆 Joyful Mantra Meditation!

Activate a happy heart with uplifting Mantra Meditations that refresh the mind and uplift the spirit.

Bloom & Shine, You're Divine

During the first month of summer, there is an abundance of daylight.


It is a beautiful time to nurture our hearts with light and fill our lives with love and appreciation for all we bring to life in the world.

When our hearts are truly open, life is joyful and our relationships with ourselves and others flourish.

A radiant heart in coherence with our mind generates a magnificent magnetism that cultivates prosperity consciousness.

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Online or available outdoors at one of Houston's beautiful nature parks.