Cosmic Events

Connect, grow, and flow with the Cosmic Currents

Online Group Meditations and Yoga Practices in the Park.

Cosmic Events include Yoga, Breath Practices, and Meditations that help us to align with and benefit from the energies flowing to us from the currents cosmic alignments.  Music is an integral part of these practices.  Mantras are selected to bring into our bodies and minds, specific frequencies that further assist us in healing, expanding our consciousness, and connecting more deeply with our Higher Selves and our destinies.

Libra full Moon

Let your Soul Guide your Dreams


With each new and full moon, we are supported by the cosmos as we turn within and reflect upon our lives.

While the Sun journeys through Pisces, we are encouraged to create space for the forthcoming Spring Season by allowing these watery energies to dissolve what we wish to release and let go.  And while we undergo these transmutations, the New Moon in Pisces elevates our consciousness to more easily access mystical states.  Beyond our physical and logical selves, we are invited to dream and journey with our soul-selves. 

I invite you to join in our Pisces New Moon Meditation and Practice in the Park!  And for more information abou the Cosmic Currents, please visit my blog!


Kalyan Darshan

Celebrating and Supporting the Conscious Awakening of Humanity



Friday, Mar 12, 2021 
7 -8 pm Central Time

Practice in the Park

Sunday, Feb 28, 2021 
3 - 4 pm

Online via zoom

Memorial Park

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