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Cleanse the MIND & Restore PEACE

Kundalini Meditation
Experience Deep Relaxation,
Elevated States of Consciousness,
Restoration and Healing,
whilst cultivating a meditation practice.

Meditation for Peace on the Planet

Weekly meditations for restoring Peace within and Peace in our world.

Sun and Moon Meditations

Renew : New Moon Meditation

Release : Full Moon Meditation

Meditations for Eclipse Season

Benefit from these transformational energies at these cosmic events

Private Meditations

For you, you and your friends, family, colleagues.

There are many meditations and techniques for both the beginner and experienced meditator.

Meditation can be challenging when first getting started so practicing meditations. that use specific breathing techniques, mudras (hand postures), and mantras really help to anchor the mind whilst. offering incredible benefits to the body and mind. 

“Within us lives the most calm, serene lake of wisdom,

the most beautiful, powerful pond of kindness,

compassion and clarity. 

Let us understand and let us dive into it within ourselves.”

- Unknown -

How does MEDITATION work?

Each time we practice meditation, we give ourselves the opportunity to bring our attention to deeper layers of our mind.  As our awareness expands beyond the chatter mind and we become still, we become more aware of our finer more subtle energies.  Our conscious and subconscious minds merge and realign with our Higher Mind, the Infinite Universal mind and all  of it's wisdom. 

As the mind integrates with the Infinite Higher Mind, it resonates with it.  In these elevated states of consciousness, the mind is cleansed allowing more of one's divine light to shine.  The ego-self diminishes and maladaptive patterns dissolve revealing more of one's true infinite nature.  The benefits are cumulative and with each meditation, we come into closer alignment with our soul and destiny.

Ultimately one becomes fully self-realized, liberated, merging completely with the Infinite Mind, an experience of being one with all, a state called Samadhi.

Samadhi by the beach

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