Virgo Full Moon


Friday, Feb 26, 2021 
7 -8:30 pm Central Time

Online via zoom

Practice in the Park

Sunday, Feb 28, 2021 
3 - 4:30 pm

Memorial Park

Cosmic Events

Connect, grow, and flow with the Cosmic Currents

with Online group meditations and yoga practices in the park.

Cosmic Events include Yoga, Breath Practices, and Meditations that help us to align with and benefit from the energies flowing to us from the currents cosmic alignments.  Music is an integral part of these practices.  Mantras are selected to bring into our bodies and minds, specific frequencies that further assist us in healing, expanding our consciousness, and connecting more deeply with our Higher Selves and our destinies.

With each new and full moon, we are supported by the cosmos as we turn within and reflect upon our lives.

The Full Moon in Virgo shines a light on our daily routines for making adjustments that will help us simplify and organize our lives, lightening our load. Virgo is logical and systematic and she wants to unburden us. Virgo reminds us that taking consistent little steps each and every day is an effective way to accomplish our goals.

Virgo also directs our consciousness to the state and wellbeing of our physical selves.  She brings in cleansing energy like a soothing tonic and inspires us to make or break habits for our health's sake.

Her ruling planet Mercury (how we think and communicate) has spent most of this year in Aquarius and continues to expand our minds to consider all possibilities available to us. And while Virgo is clever, detail-oriented, and mindful, she is also an earth sign and very grounding. So this full moon period is a great time to create practical strategies for bringing more physical form to our new Aquarian ideas.


Collaborating with the Cosmic Currents


The Cosmic Currents - Tough Love Energy

Saturn - Uranus Square - A  Major 2021 Theme aspecting the Virgo Full Moon.

From an astrological standpoint, this month of February is the most intense of the year.

Besides the waves upon waves of high-frequency Aquarian energy we have been receiving from the many planets in that house, on February 17, Saturn in Aquarius, made its first powerful Square of three this year with Uranus in Taurus.

This Saturn-Uranus square energy is a big 2021 aspect and it will be felt throughout this year urging us to step out of our comfort zone and into a higher vibration as we enter the Age of Aquarius.

Saturn is about structure, authority, and the commitment and discipline we bring to creating and maintaining the structure in our lives. Now in Aquarius, Saturn is generating a new structure fitting for the Aquarian age. Can you see this playing out in your life?

And Uranus in Taurus, (the awakener and ruler of Aquarius) is plowing the existing earthy Taurus fields, activating the landscape with new innovative energy, as it prepares it for the new foundations we shall create. Out with the old, in with the new. Have there been areas of your own life where your landscape has abruptly changed, creating space for something new?

This square can be disruptive and on a side note, Winter Storm Uri occurred during this first Saturn-Uranus Square, abruptly bringing to our attention the energy grid structure that needs to evolve in Texas.

The Saturn-Uranus squares are an offering of tough love as they support the new Aquarian Age agenda. The aspect reflects the challenges we experience in making change, for while we seek to raise our vibration and release old habits, our ego wants to hold on tight to what it knows.

This Full Moon in Virgo can really help us step out of our comfort zone and onto a new hi-vibe path, and it is actually making a perfect aspect with both Saturn and Uranus!!!

This is a time to get inspired to make or break habits we have longed to release!

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