Cosmic Events

Harmonize with Nature and her Seasons with Online Group Meditations and Yoga Practices in the Park.

Cosmic Events include Yoga, Breath Practices, and Meditations that help us to align with and benefit from the energies flowing to us from the seasons and currents cosmic alignments. 


When we bring our lives into flow with nature and her seasons, and the cosmos and its grand cycles, we bring harmony into our lives.  Nature is constantly evolving and when its energies guide our practices and daily routines, our personal evolution is divinely supported.  Find out about the current cosmic climate HERE!




The new moon in ARIES is the first new moon of the Astrological Year.  So the energy of this lunation not only sets the tone for the forthcoming 29 day lunar cycle, but for the astrological year ahead too!  So it’s great news that the Cosmic Currents for this lunation bring in an abundance of AWESOMELY FORTUNATE ENERGY!  

Aries energy activates our essence, our fundamental frequency, our I Am presence!  We feel more inspired to initiate projects as Aries energy is fiery, motivated and courageous.  Like its governing planet Mars, we are motivated to act, feeling confident, assertive, enthusiastic and ready to go!  

It’s all the right kind of energy for connecting more deeply with our true nature and for setting Intentions for the astrological year ahead.  Our Yoga and Meditation practices will focus on this and more with two Aries New Moon offerings …


Practice in the Park

Sunday, April 11, 2021 

3 - 4:15 pm CDT

Homewood Park


Sunday, April 11, 2021 
7 -8 pm CDT

Online via zoom

Find out about the astrology for this lunation at the Cosmic Currents blog HERE!

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