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Online Spring Yoga Challenge

3 weeks to Summer


31st May - 20th June

30 mins Weekdays @ 8 AM


Spring Yoga Challenge 3 weeks to Summer.

Are you ready to feel that Spring Aliveness in your life?

Are you feeling the call to get energized and to revitalize your body and mind?

Or ... maybe you are seeking to add new dimensions to your existing practice!

During these last three weeks of Spring, fill up on its high vibrational rejuvenating energy for renewing and transforming our bodies and minds.


🌷 Renew your Body with Cleansing & Revitalizing Hi-Vibe Spring Energy!

Become more flexible, stronger, leaner, toned, resilient ... RADIANT. Feel Awesome and Alive ... Rebirth a New You!

🌷 Refresh and Expand your Mind with New Possibilities!

Each class is also a mindfulness practice for aligning our mind with our Higher Selves/Source Energy/the Universal Mind and thus opens us to new possibilities flowing into our conscious awareness.

🌷 Experience asanas, breaths, mudras, & other practices unique to Kundalini Yoga!

Expand your yoga toolbox with practices that cleanse and heal the body, mind, and emotions, open the heart, awaken the soul, all supporting your personal evolution.

🌷 Restore your Enthusiasm and Uplift Your Spirit!

Realize more of your potential as you elevate your consciousness beyond limiting beliefs for embracing life with new vigor and positivity.

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The practices in each class will support your goals and address your needs.  

Online or available safely outdoors at one of Houston's many parks.