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Practice YOGA at Home

Practice Kundalini Yoga
Transform your life with a regular Kundalini Yoga practice!

Shakti Power

 75-mins Kundalini Yoga Class for Self-Empowerment

An energizing and mindful class for preparing mentally, emotionally, and physically for a

HAPPY and HAPPENING week ahead.

Monday mornings @ 9:15-10:30 am Central Time.  GMT -5

Restore Discover You

 75-mins Kundalini Yoga Class for health, harmony and happiness.


Breathwork for cleansing the mind, and restoring clarity,

Kriyas for strengthening and restoring balance throughout the body,  boosting resiliance and the immune system.

Wednesday's 7pm.   Thursday's 10 am,   Friday's 10 am CDT. GMT -5

Book a Private Classes

The practices in each class will support your goals and address your needs with consideration of the state of your health and fitness. 

Also available safely outdoors at one of Houston's many parks.