Lighten your Load with the Virgo Full Moon!

The Full Moon in Virgo shines a light on our daily routines for making adjustments that will help us simplify and organize our lives, lightening our load. Virgo is logical and systematic and she wants to unburden us. Virgo reminds us that taking consistent little steps each and every day is an effective way to accomplish our goals.

Virgo also directs our consciousness to the state and wellbeing of our physical selves. She brings in cleansing energy like a soothing tonic and inspires us to make or break habits for our health's sake.

Her ruling planet Mercury (how we think and communicate) has spent most of this year in Aquarius and continues to expand our minds to consider all possibilities available to us. And while Virgo is clever, detail-oriented, and mindful, she is also an earth sign and very grounding.

So this full moon period is a great time to create practical strategies for bringing more physical form to our new Aquarian ideas.

I am offering two Virgo Full Moon practices and I invite you to join in.

- Virgo Full Moon Online Meditation -

Friday, Feb 26, 2021

7 - 8:30 pm Central Time