Prepare Now for the New Aquarian Moon!

Body Mind Reset in Harmony with Our Heart :: Practice in the Park

Here is a map with the blue markers indicating where to park and where we practice.

Prepare for another Quantum Leap into the Age of Aquarius with the New Moon in Aquarius taking place February 11. The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury Rx, and Venus are already in Aquarius making plans for the arrival of the Moon. It's going to be a spectacular Cosmic Celebration! We want to be able to ride these massive Aquarian energetic waves with purpose.

This week we are invited to reflect upon the archetype of Venus.

  • What we value

  • Who we love and share our lives with, and

  • What inspires our life and gives us pleasure

Venus is making a tremendous journey this week through Aquarius. She is visiting with Saturn who is rebuilding long-term structures in our lives now that align with Aquarian ideals ...being authentic, futuristic, thinking outside the box, being a humanitarian, perhaps even eccentric!

Venus and Saturn want to be sure that these new Saturnian foundations vibe with our Heart and our uniqueness. This is also a time to reflect upon our relationships as Venus and Saturn urge us to cohabit, and work with like-minded people, and find our tribe!

But central to all of this is the relationship we are redefining honestly with ourselves. As Venus also makes a beautiful harmonious sextile with Chiron (the wounded healer), we are encouraged to forgive ourselves for not loving and nurturing ourselves enough. In fact, we are being asked to make a new commitment to ourselves in taking greater care to include our hearts in our decisions and lives moving forward!