... with two great practice offerings!

Hello, Namaste, Sat Nam!

Well, it's almost here! A big beautiful influx of long awaited Aquarian energies of Peace & Love

The New Light birthed by the Solstice on December 21 will shine forth coinciding with Jupiter and Saturn's Grand Alignment! This is an incredible time to be alive as we enter more deeply into the Age of Aquarius.

Each year when the Sun enters the House of Capricorn, we acknowledge the Solstice, a celebration of our Sun and the light it shines, giving us LIFE. On December 21 in the Northern hemisphere, we experience the shortest day of the year, marking the onset of winter and the commencement of longer days. The opposite occurs in the Southern Hemisphere, where the longest day is experienced and summer begins.

This particular Solstice is so very special as it occurs with the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction! To the naked eye, you can see these two planets, the largest in our Solar System, coming closer and closer each night in the sky. As they converge, they will give the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem that the three Wise men, who were astrologers, followed in seeking a new King, and a new consciousness of peace and love on earth.