The Aquarius Full Moon invites us to practice being Quantum

July's Full Moon in Aquarius is the first of

two full moons in Aquarius this year!!!

So thoughtful of the cosmos as we shift into the New Age of Aquarius!

July's Full Moon in Aquarius takes place when the Sun shines Leo light upon the Moon in Aquarius, July 23, 9:37 pm Central time @ 1 ° 25 Aquarius.

The Aquarius Full Moon is a time to release limiting beliefs that hold us back from expanding into our true selves ... because we are quantum beings!

The Aquarius Full Moon shines its light upon our inner world that desires to expand into reality.

Aquarius energy is futuristic and innovative as it seeks out our soul's unique qualities and how they can materialize.

Aquarius is the most humanitarian sign, so not only are we inspired to evolve for our own benefit, but for the benefit of the collective, humanity, and our planet.