The Most Powerful New Moon for 2021 is this Thursday!

Take that leap with faith, as all possibilities are on the table with this incredible New Moon and the stellium of planets in Aquarius.

Join our online meditation this Thursday evening, 7 - 8:30pm ONLINE via Zoom.

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What a spectacular Lunation to set the MOST AWESOME INTENTIONS FOR OUR LIVES. While the sun and moon meet at 23 degrees of Aquarius (check what house it is in your chart), Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury Rx are also in Aquarius to assist what can be a profound leap forward in the evolution of our consciousness and thus, our lives!

This new moon in Aquarius expands consciousness as it brings in fresh quantum energy, so let your imagination go when deciding your intentions, even if you don’t understand the ‘how’ to go about manifesting them. Intentions set at this time will be supporting all the way into 2022 and Molly McCord (astrologer) has a great video about this!

What does Aquarian energy resonate within us?

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