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Kalyan Darshan  Kundalini Yoga

Restore Discover You

Online Kundalini Yoga Classes 75 mins

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Current Livestream Series ...

Heal  Soothe  Flow

June 24 - July 17

Wednesdays 7pm   Thursdays 10am   Fridays 10 am

*** Practice a new class each week ***

Kundalini Yoga sets & Meditations for

calming and cleansing the water element within

healing the emotional body & second chakra

reducing anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

refreshing and soothing the mind

releasing resistance, going with the flow.

boosting the immune system

opening our hearts and connecting with healthy emotions

balancing our sexual energy and becoming conscious of our creative energy

Classes are 75 mins and include:

Kriya (Yoga Set), Pranayama (Breath Work), Deep Relaxation with Gong, Meditation & Mantra.


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