Find deep relaxation basking in the healing sounds of  singing bowls, winds chimes, gong and more.


As we embark with the sun into earth sign Virgo, we are called to nurture our bodies.  Enjoy sounds created by sacred instruments and nature as they gently flow through your body.  These healing vibrations, massage deeply, delicately combing through any distress held within. 


Emerge refreshed, restored and renewed.

Hosted by Carol, @ Jacinta's place          Tue. Aug. 27 @ 7:30 pm

1839 Norfolk St,

Houston, TX 77098

Leo New Moon

A Love Frequency Activation

This month of July has been heavy with a deeply healing Eclipse Season and five planets in retrograde. 

Energetically, these astro-events have been rewiring us at our very foundation, healing us whilst dismantling age-old worn-out patterns. 

Alas …. The cosmic currents are shifting with the
New Leo Moon and it brings an uplifting and exciting new energy


LEO is ruled by the SUN!  It awakens our inner sunshine, our SOUL, our HEARTS!!!  

It is a time to reconnect with our
 Inner Child, our innocence, and our desire to play, love and be loved. 

Leo is creative and colorful and it brings to life the joy we feel when we are creative humans, that unbounded joy we felt as children.

These energies implore us to manifest with courage, boldly and bravely as we strive forward with our unique pursuits.  

Most importantly, it's about 
LOVE <3 

This Leo New Moon energy emphatically is asking us all to open our hearts wide and broadcast our love

unto ourselves, our loved ones, our friends, colleagues, humanity, Gaia, The Universe!!! 

And it will help us tremendously when we do!

Join us at Yoga Central, Wednesday @ 6:30 pm for a 
JOYFUL practice! 

We will elevate our Love Frequency in true Leo style with meditations, mantras and sacred sounds for the heart and soul!

6:30:   Be cleansed and cleared with a Lemongrass Sage Smudging.
               Sign in and create your space.

 6:45:   Light yoga to relax and prepare the body, mind.

Set your intentions, Big & Bold.

7:00:   Meditation, Mantra, Sacred Sounds, Healing Gong Bath.

☮  8:00:   Gather with friends, new and old for CommuniTea’n’Treats!


Bring your meditation comforts, your special pillow, crystals, etc.

Pillows, blankets and yoga mats are available.

Tickets: $25 @eventbrite and at the door.  
Yoga Central
1123 Jackson Blvd, Houston 77006


I am so looking forward to welcoming this profound Lunation and it’s Joyful energy into our lives together.

Peace. Love. Light & Joy

Kalyan Darshan

Chakra atTunement

Mantra & Music

with Kalyan Darshan & band

An Energetic Spring Upgrade
for Radiance and Vitality.

Friday April 26. 2019   7 - 9pm

Yoga Central Montrose HTX

Tix $25 online and at the door.

Chakra atTunement

Mantra & Music

with Kalyan Darshan - Harmonium & Melodies
Coffee Guzman - Rhythm & Beats
Jeffrey Goldstein - Guitars

An Energetic Spring Upgrade
for Radiance and Vitality.

Friday April 26. 2019   7 - 9pm

Yoga Central Montrose HTX

Tix $25 online and at the door.

Kundalini Yoga adjusts and strengthens the body and mind, and activates the very essence of consciousness within you, the Kundalini energy.
Often referred to as the yoga of awareness, Kundalini Yoga practices expand your consciousness, awakening you to YOU.
When the body is in rhythm, there is ease. When the body, or any part of the body goes out of rhythm, there is dis-ease.
The mind is beyond time and space as it is a part of the Universal Mind.  
“The mind becomes a monster when it becomes your master. The mind is an angel when it is your servant.”
“Emotions are very important, but any mistake you ever make will occur when you become attached to your emotions as reality.”
“...It is a transmission of consciousness from person to person. It is a Raj Yoga that awakens you inside.” Yogi Bhajan
“The only thing
the body and mind
are given to you for
is your soul, the spirit.
When you are serving your soul,
you are subtle, calm and peaceful.
Whenever you are serving your ego,
you are fearful and afraid. ”

Kalyan Darshan

In Kundalini Yoga the most important thing is your experience. It goes right to your heart. No words can replace your experience. Your mind may accept the words or it may not, but your consciousness will not accept just words.


Your mind is your servant, your body is your vehicle and your soul is your residence.


Dream Big
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